03/15/2020 - Let’s Make A Deal - Wk 3 - Fast + Feast = Flourish


03/08/2020 - Let’s Make A Deal - Wk 2 - Fast + Feast = Flourish


03/01/2020 - Let’s Make A Deal - Wk 1 - Fast + Feast = Flourish


02/23/2020 - “Prayer and the Spirit” - Pt II - Living by the power of our Identity


02/16/2020 - “Prayer and the Spirit” - Pt I - Prepare for Trials by Example of Christ


02/09/2020 - ACTS: Then & Now


Sermon Notes
Acts: Then & Now
Scriptures: Book of Acts

  • Were you surprised at how man miracles took place in Acts? 
  • Were you surprised to see how often the Holy Spirit is mentioned?
  • What kind of miracles have you seen?
  • Did you consider any testimony today miraculous?


- I am still confused about the Holy Spirit and need to explore this further.

- I am learning and growing in the Spirit.

- I will keep trying to be led by the Spirit.

- I keep trying but not sure if I am doing it right. I need to talk with a Pastor or trusted friend about this.

02/02/2020 - God’s Holy Spirit: It’s Blowing!


01/26/2020 - the Force vs. the Spirit - Episode IV: The Rise of the Followers


01/19/2020 - the Force vs. the Spirit - Episode III: The Gifts Awaken


01/12/2020 - the Force vs. the Spirit - Episode II: A Renewed Hope


The Force vs The Spirit
Episode 2: A Renewed Hope

Scriptures: Luke 11:5-13, John 3:3-8, John 14:17, 16:7-15, & Acts 2:1-6


What are the 8 Basics we learn about the Holy Spirit in the Gospels and Acts?



-- Submit a question to Pastor Dan about the Holy Spirit.
-- Read Acts 2 and other scriptures about the Spirit.
-- Praying for the Holy Spirit to be evident in our church
-- Praying for the Holy Spirit to be more evident in me.


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